I live life with two healthy, happy, confident, kind, capable, trustworthy, responsible, loving beings called TEENS.  
I'm not sure when this all happened. Just WHEN did they grow up and how did they get this way?

Unschooling has been a journey, one I wouldn't trade for the world. Life hasn't always been easy and hasn't always been joyful, but every experience, good and bad, expands our world and helps us all to grow as people, as individuals.

My teens are 14 1/2 and 13 . . . with a mom. . . this mom . . .who has seen half a century. Did I really admit that??

Anyway . .come along on our journey..there is so much more of life to LIVE. . .peacefully and joyfully. . .  and always with trust, freedom and choice!

Teens are awesome! I LOVE my teens!

happy day!