Saturday, April 23, 2011


We talk of the future from time to time, usually one on one in the car. 
Have you noticed amazing conversations can come from a ride in a car?

"I'm not going to college until I know what I want to study."
"Maybe I'll work as a bartender for awhile. 
"I'm never going to school,I want to travel the world instead".
"Lately, I've thought about being a doctor or a vet."
"I want to do something I love"

One thing I regret in my life is that I didn't talk enough about my dreams. . . to my high school guidance counselor, my parents, my husband, AND myself . . and instead, just did what I was told and went about daily life.

I want to impart this wisdom to all of my children. . . and others:

TALK about your dreams, THINK about them, and TAKE steps to achieve them, even if they are baby steps for now. You have a choice.

 KNOW that every experience is worthwhile, that  opportunities are endless. All knowledge, good or bad, expands your world. GO after your dreams, and who knows what you may find along the way. 

I love this advice on dreams by Danny Elfman.

..." The only absolute promise that I will make to you today is this:
While pursuing your dream, you will find that you’re going to encounter tons of stuff, both good and bad, that I guarantee you will not expect.
You may think you know where you’re going,but in fact, it’s likely you have no idea where any of your chosen paths will take you.
It will be difficult.

But if your path is twisted and uphill and all over the place, 
you’ll still acquire some tools, some skills, some experience,no matter how small, no matter how random,that could add up to something that is above and beyond your original dreams,in ways that may startle and surprise you.

So, whatever happens in your life, starting now – remember it.
And use it.

You’re artists.
You can, and should, use everything.

There’ll be many unexpected obstacles … use them.
There’ll be many disappointments … use them.
There could be some real heartbreaks … use them.
 Leave every possibility open all the time. "
 ~Danny Elfman, musician, film composer

Whose dreams have you heard lately? And what are your dreams? It's never too late to start making dreams happen.

                                    happy day!


He loves these.

There was a time when I only bought wholesome, healthy food. 
But he never ate

I knew I needed to find some kind of balance. He needed to eat. 
I wanted him to be healthy AND happy, so I bought some of those noodles and other *less then nutritious* foods too. (Hey, even I like a Ring Ding now and then! )

But I still talked about balance, nutrition and health. I didn't preach, I just informed. Sometimes a conversation ensued, sometimes he just sighed and rolled his eyes.

Yesterday, he asked if anyone else wanted some ramen noodles as he started to cook them. I couldn't resist and teased,"You mean MSG?". He just shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

Today, as I sat down at the computer, there was a page up. Can you guess what the page was? Take a LOOK

It's ok to talk about what you believe in. It's ok to share information and discuss what you've heard and read. It's never a waste of time. They *will* take from it what they will.

Every bit of knowledge expands their world, but most importantly, it's their choice in what they do with that knowledge.

happy day!